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Lean production improves product quality and production efficiency

Delivery & Logistics System

System brief

The company's delivery & logistics system is based on the purpose of quickly meeting the customer's delivery needs and reducing the processing cycle. It uses information-based means, CMEs supplier delivery collaborative system, and key application supports such as information collaborative processing, data synchronous sharing, raw material demand data simulation, product material precise traceability, production progress visualization, etc. to cooperate with MES manufacturing control platform to use the first line The concept of flow and pull type production scheduling can meet the delivery and output of customers in a timely and flexible manner. At the same time, the JIT inventory distribution system of the company can supply goods in a timely manner in multiple locations and batches according to the specific supply needs of customers. The delivery time can be controlled within 4-8h from the time when the customer orders are issued to the time when the delivery is completed, so as to reduce the inventory pressure of customers' products, shorten the logistics cycle and meet the delivery needs of customers in a timely and flexible manner at a low cost Ask.


Main function modules

1. Planned delivery module

Always implement the lean idea, focus on implementing a flow and pull production scheduling, control the picking time according to the customer's delivery date, produce according to the beat between processes, reduce the accumulation of warehouses and production workshops, reduce the waste of handling and logistics, use information collection, can monitor the whole process progress control of each order from the customer's issuing to the completion of product delivery, and the company's comprehensive product delivery cycle by cycle At the same time, a unique mixed flow production mode is established for the order demand of small batch and multi varieties. Multiple products are produced in the same line and at the same time, which reduces the frequency and time of line change and quickly responds to customer delivery demand.

It has been awarded the "supply guarantee Award" for network energy product line and "Star Award for IP phone manufacturing and delivery" by enterprise network




2. Logistics module

The warehouse area of the company's warehousing business is 9000 square meters, and there are four long-term cooperative logistics companies, which can quickly respond to the demand of material receiving and delivery and finished product supply during the peak period of customers. The logistics system focuses on ensuring the timely supply of production materials and the control of inventory water level, ensuring the first in first out of materials, and ensuring the property and quality safety during the storage period of materials / finished products. The company's logistics business covers: co management of material inventory management, VMI material management (Vendor Managed Inventory), JIT direct delivery of products (just in time referred to as JIT), also known as zero inventories, to provide effective solutions for customers' raw material and finished product inventory, and to ensure the flexible supply during the peak delivery period. 


3、 Core ideas

Just in time production mode takes just in time production as the starting point. Firstly, it exposes excessive production and waste in other aspects. Then, equipment and personnel are eliminated and adjusted to reduce costs, simplify plans and improve control. In the field of production control technology, the basic principle of just in time system is to produce the right number of parts or products at the right time and produce them immediately. Continuous evolution, evolution and evolution.